Game Rules

  • Questions are in 3 categories… Tournaments, Leagues and Business and life style
  • 5 minutes of play is allotted to each half depending on tournament stage
  • 10 seconds is allotted to each question. The 1st 5 seconds is for the question owner strictly while the last 5 seconds can be used to consult other two team members.
  • Foul is committed when there is interference between the question owner and the other two team members within the 1st 5seconds. 
  • Yellow card is used for warning. Red card is issued after 2 yellow cards has been issued.
  • All responses must be within the 10 seconds frame
  • 2 consecutive questions must be answered correctly to get a chance to shoot to score a GOAL. 
  • When a goal is scored, the opposing team makes a new start.
  • A winner must emerge in every match. Tie is broken with penalty 
  • Referee’s decision is final