After an excellent season for Wolfsburg, former Chelsea player Kevin De Bruyne is being linked to a host of Europe’s elite clubs.

 There have even been links to a possible Chelsea return, though following the player’s recent comments about manager Jose Mourinho, I wouldn’t take those links very seriously:

“I think, to be honest, that I would not return to Chelsea as long as he [Mourinho] is in charge.”

“I know that I like the Bundesliga, and it always did me good. But I don’t fear to return to England, or to play in Spain. I believe I can make it there.”

“You can’t compare my time at Chelsea with what is now.”
Mourinho is definitely a polarizing manager, and players either seem to love him, or absolutely loathe him. It’s a shame De Bruyne seems to be one of the latter, as he’s a talented kid, and probably could have done the job that Cesc Fabregas is currently doing for Chelsea if he wasn’t allergic to defending.

That said, there are always going to be players that just don’t click with Mourinho, and frankly, I’ve yet to hear of one that I’d actually prefer to see at Chelsea over the Portuguese manager